Tree Care Services

Center Valley Arborist


Center Valley Arborists offers a full range of Consulting and Urban Ecology Services including:

  • Diagnosis of Tree and Landscape Problems– Discolored and chewed leaves, dead branches and broken limbs can all be a sign of a sick tree. Using our expertise in Arboriculture, Biology and Chemistry, we inspect trees for signs and symptoms of pests and disease and for overall tree health. Once we determine what is afflicting the tree, we recommend what (if anything) can be done to improve the situation. Whether the problem is an insect, disease, or abiotic factor, we have the ability to identify the issue and recommend effective treatments.
  • Landscape and Tree Company Supervision– Care must be taken during all types of tree work to adhere to Industry standards. Improper tree work can cause long term health and structural problems for a tree. A tree that is planted incorrectly or is the wrong species for a particular site, has a greatly reduced chance of long-term survival. We can monitor tree care activities to ensure that industry standards of care and best management practices are followed.
  • Arborist Education – We can help train your staff on current topics in Arboriculture. We also provide classes to help your employees prepare for ISA or State Certification and licensing exams.
  • Tree Preservation and Retention– Construction occurring near trees must be carefully planned to limit soil compaction and root damage, as well as broken branches and trunk scarring. We work with developers, homeowners and construction companies to determine how to best preserve desired trees during site development.
  • Expert Opinion and Legal Support– We assist lawyers with expert opinion regarding tree issues.
  • Contract Consulting Arborist Service– We supply consulting arborist services on a long or short-term contract basis to construction companies, developers, municipalities, and other groups.

If you plan on hiring an Arborist, read these suggestions on what to look for in a good Arborist


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