Are You Having Tree Work Done on Your Property?

It’s winter and storm season here in the Northeast. You may have been contacted by a tree company or an Arborist; or maybe you are thinking of calling someone to look at your trees. Here are some things to consider when hiring an Arborist:
  • Does the Company have ISA Certified Arborists or State Certified Tree Experts on staff?
  • Will a Certified Arborist or Certified Tree Expert be on site to Supervise and Check on any work?
  • Will the company agree to not use climbing spurs when pruning a tree? (Climbing spurs for a removal is fine)
  • Will the company follow industry standards for safety?
  • Does the company carry adequate insurance, including workers compensation for tree service?
  • Will they treat your property and trees with respect?

If you have any questions visit the ISA Website to learn more, or feel free to post a question here or contact me by email – Part of my job as an Consulting Arborist is to help people care for their trees!

Cherry in Bloom

Be Safe!

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