More Success Tips for School

If you missed it, go back and read my on success skills you need for school for a short list of 3 things you can do to get the results you want from the school year.

Below is a copy of a document I give my students called “Our Mission”. I use it to start the year off and to help my students know, from DAY 1, what I expect and how they can succeed. My goal is to have each person (myself included) try to live by these principles and expect others to do the same. As with my previous post, it’s not rocket science and it works in everyday life as well!

1. Always do your best in each moment – be prepared to listen, learn and work
2. Foster a Spirit of Cooperation, Respect, and Teamwork for the teacher and the entire class
3. Create a safe and healthy working environment
4. Create a culture of trust by each person being trustworthy
5. No cellphones, iPods, hats etc… (Follow the rules)
6. Appreciate People – all people
7. Always present a Problem with a Proposed Solution (don’t just complain!)
8. Ask Questions!!!
9. As your teacher, I will do my best to keep the class interesting and work to create different activities for each portion of the block.

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