3 Success Skills You Need for School…

3 Success Skills You Need for School…

The new school year is approaching and the first day of school will be here before you know it. The start of every school year brings optimism and enthusiasm for success. Some students even promise themselves that this will be the year they buckle down and do what it takes to prepare for college. How can you keep that enthusiasm? By succeeding! But that is easier said than done. The old adage that “success breeds success” is true for school; if you start strong and keep the momentum going you will start to see the payoff as the year progresses. Nobody likes to be in too deep, or so far gone that an A is not possible. Once you find yourself in that position, negativity takes over and you stop trying. If you start strong and each day remind yourself “I still have an A” it’s easier to keep going and working hard – It is a much better strategy to try to MAINTAIN a good grade then to try and resurrect you grade!

Start Strong

Start the year off right; get homework done, get all your supplies early, study. Getting off to a good start is the best way to maintain a good grade. Start with enthusiasm and remind yourself each week that you have a goal and the goal is to succeed.

Be Involved

During you first week of school get involved in your classes. If you are in science class try to pick your own lab group – a group that will share the work and where each member has the same goal as you – To Get an A!

Continuous Effort

Put some time in every day. Remember your goals and do something to move you toward your goals each day. Study, get a jump on assignments and make sure you know what is due. One of the best ways that I know of to increase your understanding of the learning material is to COPY YOUR NOTES. My students always seem to laugh at this notion, but the simple act of copying your notes over, neatly, is a great way to reinforce the material. You not only relearn the information, but you have produced a neat and clear copy for future reference.

If it sounds like these three ideas are also ways to succeed in life or in your first job, you’re right! These are time-tested skills that anyone can learn and that anyone can apply to school, home or work.

Good Luck,

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